What Are New Jersey Motorcycle Laws You Must Be Aware Of?

What Are New Jersey Motorcycle Laws You Must Be Aware Of?

Riding a motorcycle is way more dangerous than driving a car, which is why the government has implemented several traffic rules for motorcycle riders for their own protection and also to curb down the accident rate. In case you have a motorcycle and want to avoid any legal issues in the future while on the road, keep these rules and regulations in mind. 

New Jersey Motorcycle Laws:

The first rule that you must keep in mind is the importance of a driver’s license for riding a motorcycle. Regardless of whether you are a local resident or have shifted to the N.J. area recently, you need to have a license to avoid a penalty. The licenses issued in other states are equally valued in the New Jersey area as the licenses obtained here, so leave aside any worries related to the origin of your motorcycle license. 

The two basic conditions for getting a motorcycle license here are — minimum age of 17 and successfully passing the written & eyesight test. 

Another important law for motorcycle riders is the helmet law. You cannot drive around without wearing a properly sized and high-quality helmet that’s approved by the U.S. Department of Transportation. More information about it, as well as many other important accident facts, is available at https://www.njlawresults.com/jersey-city-personal-injury-lawyers/car-accidents/. Make sure you check them out and learn about safe driving behavior. 

In addition to wearing a helmet, you are also required to wear a face shield or protective goggles to be able to see clearly throughout your ride. 

If you follow all the rules and still meet with an accident because of someone else’s fault, then you can easily hire a personal injury lawyer and drag the other party to the court, where you can demand financial compensation for your losses. It’s not possible to get legal assistance if you are found violating traffic rules. So, keep that in mind and follow all the motorcycle laws carefully.

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